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Establish yourself as an exceptional healer by working with voice healing.

Heavenly singing with voice healing. Goosebumps effect in your healing offer is just one course away.

Through your healing offer, in which you harmonize energies with voice healing and create access to long-held suppressed emotions, you no longer feel drained and empty from performing countless manual therapies, for which your passion has long faded.

"Frequencies are the medicine of the future" - Albert Einstein

And these healing frequencies and vibrations trigger an unimaginable transformation.

What does it benefit you if you work with many proven methods, but they drain you and can no longer reach deep into your clients' hearts and souls, where a process of comprehensive healing would be waiting?

This is a problem with many middle-aged proven methods and can be solved through healing singing.


So, before we burden our clients with even more 1:1 appointments because we fail, we should first adapt our methods to the new era and the needs of our customers.


What my Soulmates say about these methods

"Yesterday, I had a mother and her child in my practice. The little son responded very well to the singing and calmed down. The mother was overjoyed, and both will come back for another session next week. Thank you."


Sandra R. - Therapist


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The 6-week Voice Healing Audio Course

A 6-week online audio course for coaches, therapists, and spiritual service providers who understand that healing is not created through physical contact alone!

Learn in these 6 weeks, divided into 3 phases, how to harmonize energy with voice healing, develop soul singing and approach various formats from 1:1 to group and online offerings with voice and sound.

The three Phases

At the end of the 6 weeks, you leave the course with...

Singing that makes your clients cry while you can serve more than just one person at a time and feel even more relaxed with each treatment.


Moreover, you have a range of new possibilities to expand your healing offerings, so your clients come to you not just out of suffering but from a desire for renewal and relaxation.

Hey, I am Verena

Queen of Goosebumps

With a deep connection to my soul voice that I have developed over the last nine years and with over ten trainings in Vedic sciences and alternative methods, I bring a unique blend of professionalism and spiritual wisdom to The Healing Voice.


My journey did not begin overnight and is infused with

  1. a deep devotion to holistic healing, which has been familiar to me since my childhood, and

  2. a burning passion for music and singing without rules, which I integrate into my work with a lot of courage.

  3. Through years of practice and continuous development of my intuitive healing abilities, I have not only built my own spiritual business but also successfully trained over 40 Voice Healers.


My expertise and authority in this field are the result of hard work, continuous self-development and the successful application of my methods. Now, I guide you in developing an extraordinary business as a healer, coach or spaceholder.

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